MacMillan Family Therapy Pool

The MacMillan Family Therapy Pool is showcased on the vibrant second floor of Toronto Rehab’s University Centre. Although it was accomplished on a very modest budget, the creative use of standard ceramic tile sizes and colours gives the space a luxurious spa-like feel that inspires rejuvenation and recovery.

The pool measures 20 feet x 15 feet and its floor is on three levels, ranging from 4-6 feet deep. A multidirectional ceiling lift helps staff assist patients in and out of the water.

Opened in Fall 2011, the pool provides wonderful facilities for staff to expand treatment options for patients.

Toronto Rehab is profoundly grateful for the MacMillan Family’s long-time dedication and support.

Learn about legally blind Physiotherapist Ruth Vallis, whose specialty is hydrotherapy using the MacMillan Family Therapy Pool.