Lyndhurst Centre

Home to the the largest hospital in Canada for people with spinal cord injuries, renovations to Toronto Rehab's Lyndhurst Centre have resulted in a facility that is more accessible and more conducive to specialized patient care.

Thanks to donor support, the revitalization included:

  • Improved research space
  • A new, more functional main entrance and drop-off area
  • Enhanced indoor therapy facilities
  • An outdoor therapeutic recreation horticultural garden
  • Expanded and consolidated outpatient services
Through their generous support to establish The George and Anne Ploder Therapeutic and Rehabilitation Facilities, the Ploder Family has helped transform Lyndhurst Centre into a modern facility that provides patients with the equipment, tools and environment to accelerate their recovery.

The George and Anne Ploder Therapeutic and Rehabilitation Facilities now play a vital role in the rehabilitation process for individuals living with spinal cord injury.  These fully-equipped modern fitness and wellness facilities are used on a daily basis by virtually all inpatients and outpatients at Lyndhurst for intensive rehabilitation to maximize recovery.

Inspired by the compassionate work of staff and researchers, in 2008 the Ploders made their first investment to create new therapy and skills-training facilities. New state-of-the-art equipment has improved patients' mobility, function and balance.

In 2013, the Ploder Family generously supported renovations to enhance the physiotherapy spaces and the entire occupational therapy area to further augment patient care and rehabilitation.

The second phase of redevelopment at The George and Anne Ploder Therapeutic and Rehabilitation Facilities is now complete. These renovations have made a tremendous difference in quality of care and therapy for patients.  Toronto Rehab Foundation is deeply grateful to the Ploder family for their important investment in Toronto Rehab.  Learn more about the Ploders 

Toronto Rehab’s Lyndhurst Centre provides a unique and encouraging environment that inspires new possibilities.

Photographed at Lyndhurst Centre are Joanne Smith and Errol Mehmeti.