Tim Casgrain

A passionate and involved citizen and an effective community leader, Tim is vital in garnering inspired support for innovation in rehabilitation. During his decade of service on our Board – including six years leading as Chair – he has leveraged his enthusiasm and business acumen to strengthen the capabilities and possibilities for Toronto Rehab.

Tim is a strong advocate for improving rehabilitation services and creating solutions for those living with the consequences of illness, injury and aging.

During Tim’s tenure, Toronto Rehab’s multi-site redevelopment and research expansion came to fruition thanks to the significant contribution of Toronto Rehab Foundation’s Everything Humanly Possible campaign donors.

The highlight was the grand opening of Toronto Rehab’s redeveloped University Centre and the iDAPTCentre for Rehabilitation Research, the world’s most advanced facilities dedicated to rehabilitation and prevention.

Home to the Spinal Cord Rehabilitation program, Toronto Rehab’s Lyndhurst Centre has also undergone a transformation that provides better accessibility, amenities and integration of technology and innovation in patient care.

To expand the horizons of rehabilitation science, new Research Chairs in Rehabilitation Technology, Sleep Apnea and Cardiac Rehabilitation were also established. Toronto Rehab currently has six research chairs, created with generous support from private donors.  Learn more about Donor Impact

As Tim’s term as Board Chair at Toronto Rehab Foundation ended Summer 2014, he was fittingly appointed a Member of the Order of Canada, our country’s highest civilian honour. A true leader and supporter of rehabilitation in Canada, he is most deserving of this recognition of outstanding achievement and extraordinary service to the community.

Toronto Rehab Foundation is eternally grateful to Tim for his passionate leadership, which has helped propel Toronto Rehab into the international spotlight.
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